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The department’s purpose is to help make Australia stronger, safer and more prosperous by promoting and protecting our interests internationally and contributing to global stability and economic growth. The department provides foreign, trade and development…

Bansbari ,
Kathmandu, Nepal


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chinese Embassy

Kathmandu, Nepal

014411740, 9851071888

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Department of Transport Management was established in 2041 B.S. for the smooth management of transport. The purpose of this department and its affiliation, as per Vehicle and Transport Management Act 2049 and Vehicle and Transport Management Rules 2054,…

Kathmandu, Nepal

014474921 , 014601002

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Namaste and Welcome to the Embassy of Denmark in Kathmandu’s website. The website is meant so serve as your gateway to information on both Nepal and Denmark and thereby reflect the strong ties between the two countries. Denmark and Nepal established…

Neel Saraswati Marg, Lazimpat,
Kathmandu, Nepal


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There have been close and friendly relationships between Japan and Nepal for many years. This landlocked country, Nepal, having no direct access to the sea, is one of the least developed countries in South Asia. In this severe condition the needs of…

kathmandu, Nepal


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The mission of the U.S. Embassy in Nepal is to assist Nepal’s development as a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic nation that contributes positively to regional stability. In pursuit of this goal, the United States encourages multi-party democracy,…

Kathmandu, Nepal

014234000 , 014234500

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With the restoration of the multi-party democracy in the country, in 1990 A.D., extensive reforms were made in the organizational structure of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The Zonal administration with its commissioner was dissolved. Endeavours are…

Singha Durbar,
Kathmandu, Nepal

014211208, 014211214

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Singha Durbar,
Kathmandu, Nepal

014211000, 014211025