Mates Futsal

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Mate's has highest grade turf for ultimate Futsal playing experience, great for sporty get together among your MATES and fun for all ages. Futsal as a new form of soccer entertainment for footballers. Futsal is a scale down version of the ever popular football sports. Here player may unleash their inner skills/stamina. This upcoming sport is popular with players of all ages. So come down to MATE’S FUTSAL for a sporty get together with a grand total of 5 players per team, while rest get to cheers their MATES playing the wonderful sport of Futsal.

Gaibachha Pati, Tahachal,
Kathmandu, Nepal

014301295, 9818751751

Opening Closing
Sunday 06:30 20:00
Monday 06:30 20:00
Tueday 06:30 20:00
Wednesday 06:30 20:00
Thursday 06:30 20:00
Friday 06:30 20:00
Saturday 06:30 21:00