Bu Keba

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At Bu Keba we try our best to enhance the natural taste of our food by minimizing the use of spices and maximizing the use of organic produce. We want to introduce the public to potential of organic cuisine in Nepal. The benefits of organic food are endless. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and enyzmes which help our bodies fight against infections and diseases. At Bu Keba, we have ensured that our ingredients are as organic as possible, regardless of how long it takes for us to obtain them. Still not convinced? Our ambience exudes the feel of a local village, not much different from the villages from which our ingredients hail from. Stop in for a healthy meal that is guaranteed to blow you away, or if you are in a rush, grab something to go from our organic store or bakery.

Bakhundole, Sanepa, GPO Box 8975,
Lalitpur, Nepal



Opening Closing
Sunday 11:00 22:00
Monday 11:00 22:00
Tueday 11:00 22:00
Wednesday 11:00 22:00
Thursday 11:00 22:00
Friday 11:00 22:00
Saturday 11:00 22:00