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Agriculture continues to provide the livelihood base for about 80% of Nepal’s total population. The “Need of the Hour” is to commercialise agriculture with increasing productivity and output of a few selected agro-commodities, which could have…

Sahid Sukra Milan Marga, Teku,
Kathmandu, Nepal

014262245, 014262260, 014267005

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Bio Agro Services is a socially, environmentally and economically responsible company based in Thankot, Kathmandu, Nepal. We aim to promote sustainable agriculture, waste management and environmental protection. Bio Agro Services was founded by Nepali…

Kathmandu, Nepal

9841452460, 9849-834333

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JTPC is small industry. It produce different type of organic tea from high altitude.

Ilam, Ghaziabad

9862671190, 9806044843